Dr.Anthony Luyai

Dr. Anthony Luyai

As a Senior Scientist with 20+ years of accomplishments in academia, research institutions, private sector, the CDC, and lately the World Health Organization laboratory, Dr. Anthony Luyai possesses expert knowledge of current Diagnostics, Toxicology, Research & Development, QA/QC, Laboratory Management, and FDA guidelines. While at the World Health Organization, Dr. Luyai directed laboratory personnel, trained, and monitored performance as Laboratory Director for WHO’s Expanded Special Project for Elimina- tion of Neglected Tropical Diseases (ESPEN) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Dr. Luyai has also served as team leader at the CDC, generating and validating diagnostic kits. He has also spearheaded operations of R&D in a manufacturing setting at Assurance Laboratories in Birmingham, Alabama. During his time at the Metametrix Clinical laboratory in Duluth, GA, he developed numerous molecular diagnostic tools in an industrial setting for bacteria, fungi and parasites. Dr. Luyai is also an expert on design and implementation of SOPs for QC and QA. Dr. Luyai brings to Treevana Remedy expertise as a dynamic leader with a track record of success in identifying process improvement opportunities, developing innovative solutions, and leveraging scientific technology to optimize profitability and performance. His demonstrated strengths in relationship management and broad scientific knowl- edge have facilitated his sustained success.

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